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In Decay
Expired film, Alt Process


Large Format


Mother May I

My photos are a visual interpretation of my mom’s decision to get married at 18 to her very religious boyfriend and move from Las Vegas to Utah.  The veil that cloaks the figure signifies fragility and virginity- something imperative for a young bride to obtain.  Her red lips, a trademark of my mother’s makeup regime, is a nod to her contrasting upbringing, as well as a focus on her virginity which led to her decision to get married.  The veil begins to suffocate the figure as the realization of her sacrifices begin to present themselves.  She fights it, but can not escape it, and ultimately she has to endure it- as a vague image of her previous self.  Her red lips, now smudged, become a sorrowful nod to her past.


In The Flesh

My series focuses on the varying acts of violence projected onto an individual. Violence can be physical, emotional, or both.  Everyone experiences violence against their own self, but what constitutes as violence varies greatly depending on the person.  The body acts as a canvas; the skin is a template.  The models are able to use my camera as a way to confront the injustices projected onto themselves in order to make peace.
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